Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, Again!!!

So . . . 29 years ago on Feb. 8, my sweet husband proposed to me. He didn't want to do it on the cliche' Valentines Day so he did it earlier. Every year we celebrate on the 8th instead of the 14th.(Crowds are definitely littler.) We went to dinner and tried to get a hotel room in the "Hamptons" (no not the ones in N.Y., the Hampton Inn. It makes it sound like you went somewhere spectacular to say you spent the night in the Hamptons.) Anyway it was full as was every other hotel within miles. This was on Friday night. On Monday, the actual anniversary of our engagement, he sent me these flowers at work!! The ladies were so impressed with how sweet he is. The net is an actual fly fishing net I have been wanting that he took to the florist and had them make me an arrangement in it. The card said, "Still the best catch of my life." Isn't he a great husband? I'd still say yes to that proposal 29 years ago!!!