Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

For our spring break we decided to take the trailer and go to Goblin Valley. We spent Saturday with Grandpa and Grandma W. having our annual easter egg hunt then left Sunday for Goblin Valley. We spent a couple of days there. We climbed on rocks for hours. Goblin Valley is a lot of fun and it's huge. There are all sorts of rock formations. To the west is a big yellow pavilion that you can see from all the high points so it's hard to get lost. Chanse and Miah are both part mountain goat and if you give them rocks to climb anywhere they are happy. So they climbed to their hearts content, from sun-up to sun-down. They played hide and seek and tag and climbed some more.

We then hiked through a slot canyon called Little Wild Horse Canyon. (Where we ran across two families from home. You can't go anywhere, far or wide, over spring break without running across someone from home.)

We had a great time!!! You'll have to join us next time!!