Sunday, May 6, 2018

Shiplap and Sheetrock

APRIL 2018

 Part of our preparation for sheet rock was to finish the plumbing to the kitchen and bath.  We had to have it all roughed in.  This involved climbing in crawl spaces for Perry.  Under the additions the crawl space is 3-4 feet.  Our kitchen is in the old part of the house and has about  2 ft. of space.  Some of the plumbing is located in the storage room under the kitchen and it is about 7 feet tall.  Perry is not a fan of these confined spaces especially the one under the old house.
     The main line for the water comes in about 4 feet under the ground into the kitchen sink area.  This is where it's only about 2 feet tall.  Perry had to connect the water line from there into the house.  After doing so, it leaked at a turn off valve in the middle of a metal pipe.  He went down one day to remove the valve so he would know what kind to buy to replace it.  In the process of trying to remove it, he discovered that it just needed tightened.  While he was down there he decided to snug up that pipe to its connection underground because he was afraid he had loosened it.   So snug he did,  except it snapped the pipe off underground.  He had to get in that small space and dig down to the connection about 2 feet down in the dirt.  The metal pipe was connected to PVC and you can't tighten that kind of connection.  He had to lay down there and try to dig out dirt.  There was no room to move the dirt so we vacuumed it out with the shop vac.   It was a miserable job.   After digging down, he had to fix the connection.  Just getting to the connection, digging enough room to work on it and figuring out what was needed to fix it took one whole Saturday.   He got it done and guess what?   It leaked. 
    The next weekend he prayed and climbed in the whole again.  He took it all apart and  jerry-rigged a long pipe with a pipe threader on it to re-thread the connection.  It worked and this time didn't leak.  It only took about an hour that Saturday.  Needless to say he was so thankful it did.  He didn't want to get down there again.

While he was working on this they had started the sheet rock.  We hired this and the taping and texturing done.  They delivered the sheetrock and we had them come into the back field and up to the back of the house so they could use the boom to unload it and bring it in the house.

Two guys came in to put it up.  In a day and a half they had completely sheet rocked the walls and ceiling in the 1700 square feet of  space.  They were so fast!

 While we waited for the texturing guy, Perry and I ship lapped the ceiling in the kitchen and the peak of the vault in the family/dining room.
The kitchen is in an area of the house that was originally a lean-to added on to the back of the old house.  It had been redone when the addition was added to it.  A new roof  line was put on and a room added above it.  We wish they would have continued the vaulted ceiling over it but they didn't.  The ceiling in the kitchen is 7 foot 3 inches tall.  They left the ceiling joists open and tongue and grooved the floor above.  Pretty but dark and hard to put nice lights in.  Not to mention the exposed wiring.  We went back and forth about what to do with it.  Whitewash the ceiling and leave it open or close it in and put lots of can lights.  Opinions from family and friends were 50/50.  We finally decided to close it in with a ship lap board.  (I discovered over the weeks of living here that it was a magnet for cobwebs.  Plus trying to find a pretty light that fit between the joists and didn't hang down lower than them was almost impossible.)



The Peak     

And then the tape and texture.

Hey it's starting to look like we are getting somewhere!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Help from Family!!

March 27-29, 2018

Perry's sister, Vicky and his brother-in-law Rick called and said they were going on Spring Break.  Vicky works for the school in Carey, Idaho and Rick works for Sun Valley.  Rick loves to do construction type projects so they thought if we were going to be around they would come stay with us for a few days and help with some projects around the house!   We love help!!

Perry had some small projects that needed done before the sheet rockers could come in.  Rick and he set out to do them and got them all knocked out.

New window in master bathroom.

And half wall for toilet separation.

Finish step installation in hall.

Replace back door.  Before:

 We wanted it to swing the other way and I didn't like this door.   They replaced it with one from our shop.  (The shop has 4 exterior doors.  We could do without this one and it swings the right way.)  It needs some repair to some dents in it and some paint but nothing Perry can't fix.  

And they finished off the last of the subfloor.  It all had to be raised to the same level through out the addition so that required some places to have a second layer.

Oh and although the fireplace was installed into the wall it wasn't hooked up and running so they got it all wired and finished.

Vicky and I worked outside since the weather was beautiful.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy.  The field is over run with very tall (3-4 ft.) weeds and in the section we worked on there were several large pieces of plastic and carpet pieces and tarps places about 4 inches under the dirt for weed block.  HAHA  that didn't work!!  Especially with 4 inches of dirt on top of them.  We don't have anything that will mow them down so we spent a couple of days on our hands and knees weeding and removing the tarps.  And raking it all up into a pile so Perry could burn it.  It looks so much better.


AFTER:  the spot on the left is one of the places where there was a tarp.

If anyone has some spare time, I still have about 3/4 of an acre to go!

I also spent quite a while scrubbing down these two doors. They were disgusting. We have no dog but it came with the house and the younger grandkids think this is a great way to get in the house because they can't reach the door handle!   Think I'll add a little vinyl.


Wiring and Insulation!!

March 2018

     Now we could rewire and add insulation back into the ceiling.

Cans in the ceiling along with light fixture supports.  All new plugs exactly where I want them.

So Perry in the 6-9 months right before we sold went out of town maybe once or twice for work.  The week we closed on the Cedar Hills house he was out of town until the night before we moved.  And since we moved in, he has went out of town 4 weeks out of the 9.   So guess who insulated while he was gone!!  ME!!  I had to replace some insulation that was removed from walls to wire,  place plastic vapor barrier on the outside walls and insulate the ceiling.  Yes in the whole addition.  In the 12 foot ceilings.  Kind of fun actually.  Good thing I'm not afraid of heights.

(Not for hire!!)

It's definitely getting warmer in here!!

Ahhh Heat!!!

February/March 2018

     So our little yellow house had two heaters.  One in the old portion of the house that heated that part and one in the attached garage that heated the additions.  In October the one in the garage quit working.  Of course it was just a few short weeks after our home warranty expired.  Then the one in the old part quit working.  We were there at the house for a long weekend so we called a repair man to look at them.  The one in the garage was a $400 part and since we were going to replace it, we decided not to fix it.  the one in the old house was plugged into an extension cord attached to a light socket for power.  We discovered the plug had been unplugged and then plugged in upside down.  Who knew that furnace power had polarity!!  😏  So it was an easy fix.   This did leave us with out heat in the additions where we were going to be renovating!

Furnace in old house.  We pulled one of the ducts to add heat to our living quarters.  Forgot to take picture of garage furnace.

After we moved into the house it was one of our priorities to get a new furnace or two put into the house.  We also wanted a gas fireplace installed and a heater/ac unit put in the shop.  We called a friend from Cedar Hills who has a heating and cooling business.  He came in and gave us a Quote: $$$$$$$$$$$$$  Thank goodness we had figured enough into the budget.  We decided to go with one furnace to heat the whole house.  He said they could start the next week.
Before installation we had to do some prep work.  We had to drop all the sheetrock out of the ceilings as this is where the ducting ran.  Check - that was done.  We also had to clean out some eaves to get better access for the  ducting between the new house and old house.

This is one of the eaves after we cleaned it.  You can see the old roof that they just left in place and added the new roof over it.  

This is one of the eaves we had to clean out.  Miah and Brady were down so Miah helped me to get it cleaned out.  We had to remove insulation, wiring and leftover junk.  In this eave we found a fully functioning light socket with light and pull string buried in the insulation.  We also found old bathroom fans and more wiring junction boxes just buried in the walls and insulation.  By code they are supposed to be exposed for access.  

Perry framed for the fireplace.

AND then they came to start the work.  It took them about two weeks.  We left for one of those weeks and went to Hawaii with Zach and his family.  


Us while they are working hard in the cold!! 

And shortly after we returned we had heat and AC and a fireplace.

Perry's shop heater/ac.⇩

They also ran the gas line for my kitchen stove and the gas line for our BBQ on the porch.  Yea!!  Perry can BBQ, less dishes for me!