Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Walls

November 24, 2017

    The hall walls were a mismash of different pieces and widths.  It also had a door from between the family room and the hall.   Perry wanted one straight shot down the hall.  So we set out to remove a wall and move it 4 in.
This is a door that was originally at the beginning of the wall.  Perry removed it and all the framing so that it was completely open to the walls and ceiling.

At the end of the hall just before the garage entrace was this cupboard area and half wall then it stepped down into a small landing.  We removed the cupboards (went into my garden shed),  half wall and the landing back to the front wall.  I want a mudroom area here.

All cleared out.  
Okay see this little jut out on the left.  That is the wall Perry wanted moved so that it was straight with no jut.  So it had to be moved.

Originally on the inside of that wall there was a second wall built about six inches from it.  We removed that one a while ago.  In the process of removing the hall wall we discovered it wasn't even nailed into the ceiling.  

All straight.

Next up was to frame the master closet on the other side of this wall.
Now, came the exciting part.  We wanted to frame the master bath to the left of the closet.  We needed to remove a 24 inch by about 10 foot piece of ceiling sheetrock to frame it.  All of the ceiling and wall sheetrock will be coming out adventually but there is blow in insulation in the ceiling and we didn't want to clean it up yet.  We figured if we just removed the piece where the wall needed to attach to the ceiling it would only be a little clean up.  Best laid plans of mice and men!
Perry carefully cut the sheetrock, climbed on the ladder and started to gently pull on the piece.
OOPS!!!!  The whole bathroom area ceiling sheetrock came down!   It wasn't attached very well.

Wish I had it on video!!

10 bags of blow in insulation later!!
So that ended that days work.  No more framing.

December 2, 2017

We have the World's Most Fantastic Home Teacher.  He has been there for so many things for us and never misses a months visit.  On this Saturday, he wanted to come help us frame.  (P.S. this is our home teacher from Cedar Hills) He showed up with all his tools and his ladder and came to help.  He spent all day helping.  Thanks, Chuck Pritchett.
So we finally framed the master bathroom entrance.  Brady and Miah came to help too.

Bathroom entrance on the left, closet on the right.

Next was the master bedroom wall between the dining room and bedroom!!  I was so excited to get this wall in.  Really helped me to see the size of both of those rooms.  So exciting to see wall go up instead of come down!!

Help From Perry's Mom and Dad

October 4, 2017

Perry's parents asked to store their 5th wheel on our property so we arranged to meet them in Fountain Green.  They also were willing to help with some work at the house.  They said they could bring their chain saw to help take out some of our dead trees.  Because no one lived in the house for about 9 months and renters in it for quite awhile before that, the yard and trees had not been watered.  Some of the trees are way to large for us to remove but there were several that were small enough for us to cut down ourselves.   

 When Brady and Miah lived in the house, Brady removed limbs from this one in the front yard.

This pine tree was dead.
These three on the edge of my garden in the backyard needed removed.
We also removed a little stand of quakies on the side that were dead.

So we went to work.  Perry and his Dad cut them down and then his Mom and I hauled branches to the burn pile and stacked big pieces in the wood shed.

 I was tending my granddaughter, Ryah, for the week so she came with us and she was a big help.  She hauled branches that were taller than she was and almost as big around.

All down and gone.

After we had them all removed and the wood hauled to the burn pile we lit a big bonfire.  We had been piling up branches and weeds for the whole summer and it was quite a big pile.  Flames were about 12 feet high.
Where's the hot dogs?

I had seen several little fires being burned in the area and thought that since it was October, we were ok to burn it.  Perry cleared weeds around the area and we brought the hose over.  A few minutes in the fire chief showed up.  "Can't burn til November," he said.  But he was cool about it.  Just stayed and visited for about an hour until it was almost burned out.  

We still have more to remove but most are too large for us.

Window moving videos

Window moving videos - August/September 2017

Someone let me know if these do not work.  Thanks.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Kitchen Framing and Moving Windows

Disclaimer:  I'm am way behind but now that my life is not divided between two homes I will try to get caught up and keep up to date.  Sooo.....

August 2017 Kitchen Framing and Moving Windows and Removing a door

After the kitchen floor was redone and the "bomb shelter" framed and shelving put in, the next thing was to frame out the old kitchen so that it too had square walls.
Before - this was before demo was even competed.

The third wall to the left in this picture was completed also but the picture was too dark.

So not too exciting but progress.  Over Labor Day weekend we went down to tackle a major project.  
In the new floor plan, we were installing a wall perpendicular to the west wall right in the middle of a window.  We needed to remove a door and move 4 windows,  So that was the plan for that weekend. 
This is the west side of the addition from the exterior.  We removed the freestanding Gazebo on the first demo day.  The wall needed to go up right through the window on the right of the door.  Our house has 7 exterior doors.  We don't need 7 exterior doors so this one was coming out.  It would have been in the master bedroom with the new floor plan.

Door and one of the windows.  This door is in what will be the new master bedroom area.

These two windows are in the area where the master bathroom shower will be.

So Perry removed the door and 4 windows.  Re-framed for 4 windows.  Two in the master bedroom and two in the dining area.  All on the same wall but in a different configuration.


Two reframed and installed windows.

Now, all looks pretty inside but outside was another story.  To remove the windows we had to remove the vinyl siding.  After the windows were moved we had to put the outside back together.  We didn't want to buy new siding, although we did have to for the piece behind the tree, so we played puzzle with the pieces of siding.  We got the whole thing around the two windows covered.  It was quite the adventure. 

                                                   This area we had to buy new siding for.

After we got it all resided.  I painted the blue shutters white and we removed the rest of the railing from the porch.  Someday we will hang a porch swing here and sit out here and watch the sunset!
(not great pictures, we had lost most of the sun and it left shadows.)

Now for the excitement that occurred in the process.  Under one of these windows inside there is an access in the floor for the crawl space.  It has a cover although not a very good one as Perry discovered.  I was gone and he was working.  He stepped on the cover, it shifted and he fell through to the crawl space in a kind of one foot up and one foot down sprawl.  Left some great bruises and skinned elbows.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh Happy Day!!!

   So as you saw from when we redid the kitchen floor joists and subfloor, we have a cold storage room.  It is approximately 10 ft. x 10 ft.   I call it the bomb shelter.

 Since we bought the house, I have been so excited to get shelves built into it.  I really wanted to just pack up my storage and canning supplies and move them in and put them on shelves.  I didn't want them packed in boxes and stacked in the garage like everything else will be.  I finally convinced Perry that we could get it done. I went down and painted all the walls and floors with Kilz paint to seal it all.  (except that spot you can see on the floor.  The ladder sat there.  I still need to finish that spot. 😁)  Perry went to work  and designed real stairs for it instead of the existing ladder.  Then he and I designed the shelves to fit everything in just right.  In June, we bought the wood and headed down to Fountain Green.  He and Chanse got it all framed and I had jars waiting to put in there.  It still needs a light and eventually a spring loaded hatch door but it looks wonderful!!!  I made another trip a couple of weeks later with all my buckets of wheat, canning supplies and a some of my jars of food.  I love it!!!!  I joking tell him that when the rest of the home is still in chaos during the remodel, I will just go down in my bomb shelter and enjoy the order.  Thanks Guys!!!  Makes this OCD girl happy!!!