Thursday, November 10, 2016


          So we had several things that we wanted in our plans for this house but weren't sure whether they were even possible.  This home when it was owned by a person instead of the bank had been added onto 3 times.  We went to the city and got copies of all the plans that had been submitted to the planning commission so we could see what had been done to it.  (Side note:  the plans submitted to the city were pen drawings of walls, no other details.) When that owner decided to move away he turned it into 3? separate apartments.  We have 8 exterior doors, 4 sets of washer dryer hook-ups (one hidden in a wall), possibly 3 kitchens, a weird little exposed gap between the bedroom and the hall, two interior walls that are double framed 2x6 and a myriad of other odd things.  
       As part of our plans we wanted to open part of the wall between the two family rooms and expand the bedroom and en suite for a master suite.  The ceiling in those two rooms is vaulted but the wall between was not right on the peak it was off-centered.  We thought it odd that it was off centered. We knew that to open it up would probably require an engineered beam.  $$$$
       Perry wanted an auto lift in the shop and needed 220 volt power.  We didn't see any existing and there was a lot of concrete sidewalks and porches between the house and shop.  $$$$ but we budgeted them in and went on.
        We went to the house to set up our city bills and do more investigation a couple of days after the sale was final.   We were told by the city water guy that we had a leak between the water meter and the house that needed the line to be replaced to fix it.  He gave us a number for a local plumbing guy who could fix it.  $$$  We went to the house to do more investigation.  Perry cut a hole in the sheet rock so he could see into the ceiling above the vaulted part.  Guess what??  They were scissor trusses which bear their own weight.  No beam needed.  More investigation into the shop discovered that there was 220 v power already out there!!!  Oh Happy Day!!! 
       Now we just needed the water line replaced.  I called the plumber several days later and he said he would call me back after the weekend and we would set up a time that I could meet him there so he could check it out.  We had plans to go back on Saturday to start tearing a few things apart and make a run to the dump.  On Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night with the thought to take the shovel with us.  Why???  I had no plans to do anything outside.  I had no need for a shovel.  Then I remembered a wet spot in the grass in the backyard that we had seen earlier in the week.  We had attributed it to a low spot in the yard where the recent rain had pooled.  The thought came to me that this was where our water leak was.  When we left Saturday I put a shovel in the truck.  When we got there I got the shovel and asked Perry to come take a look.  There in the weeds was an outdoor faucet and sprinkler head we hadn't noticed before.  (weeds were too tall)  It was still wet.  Perry started digging down and found that the pipe was broke and leaking.  He capped it for now.  I called the city water guy, told him what we had found and asked if he would check our meter a couple of times over the next few days to see if it was still using water.  (The water inside the house was turned off.)  He called a few days later to say the meter hadn't changed.   Another happy day.   We have found several more minor things that have run in our favor as we have begun our renovation.  We have felt blessed and grateful.
       So here are the existing floor plan and our plan for renovation.  These do not include the upstairs floor above the home teacher room, office and kitchen.  That area is another 2 bedrooms, bath and playroom.  
Existing plan

Future Plan
We think it will be amazing!!

Next Demolition!!!

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